The Group

Post Doc

Cheng-Wei Lin

B.S. National TsingHua University

M.S. Northwestern University


Research: conducting polymers

Interest: watching youtube and cooking

Personal website:

Willard F Libby Teacher-Scholar

Mackenzie Anderson




Research: water filtration

Graduate Students

Chenxiang Wang

B.S. Tongji University

Research: Energy storage

Musibau Francis Jimoh

B.S. Ahmadu Bello University

M.S. University of Sheffield

M.S. University of Science and Technology, Abuja, Nigeria

Research: Energy storage

Helen Huang

B.A. University of Cambridge

M.S. University of Cambridge

Research: Energy storage

Interest: hiking, traveling

Xueying Chang

B.S. Nankai University

Research: Energy storage, Carbon-based materials

Interest: biking, reading, food

Spencer G. Hamilton

B.A. Carleton College

Research: Superhard and ultra-incompressible materials

Interest: Scuba diving, plants, scenic drives

Yuto Katsuyama

B.E. Tohoku University

Research: Energy storage

Interest: Ramen (not Raman)

Personal website:

Jasmine Keane

B.A. UC Davis

Research: Superhard and ultra-incompressible materials

Interests: Coffee, plants, rock climbing

Zhiyin (Tara) Yang

B.S. Renmin University of China

Research: Energy storage

Interest: piano, ballet

Sophia Uemura

B.S. UC Santa Barbara

Research: Energy storage

Interest: video games, farmers markets, reading


B.S. UCLA Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Research: 3D printing, Energy storage

Interest: Skiing/snowboarding, woodworking and motorcycle riding

Undergraduate students

Jason Zhu

Research: Energy storage

Interest: watching soccer games, playing billiards and darts

Tanya Balandin

Research: Energy storage, Graphene

Interest: national parks, tennis, cooking

Ziad Mansour

Research: Conducting Polymers

Interests: Bodybuilding/Powerlifting, Food, Comedy

Riley Danna

Research: Water Purification

Interests: Gardening, coffee, and going to the beach